Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Mr Blue Sky… The Finale!

So, did you listen all the way to the end…?

Last week I wrote about the ELO track Mr Blue Sky and how smiley and happy it made me feel (see Mr Blue Sky). And, I also said that the last line made me giggle every time. But did you work out what it was, and more importantly, why it’s in there?

I’ve just popped in for a quick midweek update to give you the answer.

So… SPOILER ALERT… stop reading if you haven’t had a chance to listen to the track yet and want to play along. Or stop reading if you don’t really care what the answer is. But if you’re interested, here it comes…

Throughout the track, a synthesized voice sings “Mr Blue Sky”. Then, at the very end, after a phenomenal instrumental section I should add, a heavily synthesized and less clear vocal emerges.

The words are often thought to be the same as throughout the rest of the song, “Mr Blue Sky”, but the final line is actually “Please turn me over”.

The track is found at the end of side 3 of a double LP back in the days of vinyl and the listener was instructed to turn it over to hear the next track.

You’re welcome!


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